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"More than just grooming! It is a Royal treatment for your pets!"

About Our Store

Welcome to Puppy Fort Grooming & Pet Store! Opened  in 2018, Puppy Fort’s Mission going in, is to create a very pet-friendly environment for all pet owners and their four-legged companions while also offering pet related merchandise sold for affordable pricing, so you can spoil your furry friends -we know you want to. Puppy Fort strives to conjure a compassionate and respectable, honoring service provided for all clients with detail and diligence in every way. From the time someone walks in with their canine or feline family member, we prioritize giving you an exceptional quality experience that is genuine and sincere with the wellbeing and safe handling at the forefront of our minds. We know that pampering and grooming is just as essential for pets as it is for humans to stay in top, presentable form and good health overall. Not just on the inside but the outside as well. With measured care and understanding that every pet is different and unique, we know that it will take individualized approaches that need specific accommodations of patience and handling for every pet that enters our Fort. We look to treat them as our own! Lastly, we want to avoid making your wallet hurt by supplying affordable pricing so both you and your furry family member strut away happy and satisfied and looking good while doing it!

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