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Full Grooming

Our Grooming Services

Grooming Packages

Grooming Packages
Basic Bath

Bath in Premium Hypo Shampoo

Blow Dry

Nail Trim

Ear Clean


$35 - $75+
 Tidy Groom

Light Tidy OR Shed Less Treatment

Shampoo and Conditioner Bath

Blow Dry

Nail Trim

Ear Clean

Sanitary Trim


$50 - $120+
Full Groom

Full Body clip 

Tidy up - face, paws, sanitary area

Scissor Finish

Full Body Brush

Shampoo and Conditioner Bath

Blow/Towel Dry

Nail Trim

Ear Clean


$65 - $135+
Bathing Packages

Spaw Specials

Anti Itch

Soothing Shampoo and Conditioner 

Nagayu Rinse

Paw /Nose Balm


$20 + grooming price
The Works

Teeth Cleaning

Nagayu Rinse

Paw Balm

Shampoo and Conditioner Upgrade

Blueberry Facial


$25 + grooming price
Additional Services

Additional Services & Add - Ons

Express Services

Nail Trim/Grinding - $12

Face, Feet, Fanny - $20

Ear, Eyes, Nails - $15

Sanitary - $10

Spot Shave - $5 (per spot)

Add - Ons

Paw Protection

Teeth Clean

Anti - itch

Whitening Shampoo


De - Shedding

De - Shedding Shampoo and Conditioner

Undercoat Removal

Puppy Package 

Please contact us for price and details

De - Skunk - $12

Plus the of the groom services
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