Matted Dog Hair, and why it matters

Have you ever woken up to a bad hair day? I'm sure we've all experienced varying degrees of messy hair, but for us it's simple fix of just brushing and combing through it to get it detangled and arranged.

The same can happen for your dog. Minor tangles and knots in their fur are not a huge deal and can be easily fixed so long as it's maintained.

It becomes a risky issue once it goes unattended for a longer duration of time.

Unless you're looking to have dreadlocks, you wouldn't leave your hair to go unwashed, brushed through and well maintained.

The same goes for your dog. Otherwise, you'll end up with this:

Not so pretty, am I right? And believe me, our groomer doesn't like having to shave the entire dog down, but sometimes they are left with no choice for the sake of the dog and his or her wellbeing.

Matted fur is typically a condition most commonly seen in dogs and cats with long coats; it's caused by tangled knots and "mats" which doesn't just conduct discomfort in your pet, it can also usher into a chain of heath issues.

The dog you see in the photo was due to the unfortunate unawareness of the owner, not necessarily because they did not look to take care of their dog and intentionally neglect its upkeep, but more because many dog breeders lie to them when it comes to high maintenance dog breeds, giving them this idea that they are super easy to look after.

If you're wondering why a matted coat goes beyond just discomfort, it's because left this way for too long, it causes bacterial infections as they trap moisture and cause damage to the skin underneath.

In extreme cases, if not handles with care and frequently groomed and managed, you could get instances where the dog gets tangled and matted fur around his rectum and as the hair gets severely matted, it will end up trapping feces which can cause impaction and a severe skin infection.

You end up essentially paying more money out of your pocket in the long run when it is so much easier to simply bring your dog in for a groom, or at bare minimum learn to detangle and maintain the dog's coat yourself in a proper and healthy manner.

Sometimes the affected area can be so infected it will require surgery to remove accumulated dead skin cells and I'm willing to bet no one wants that sort of suffering for their dog.